December 5, 2018

Tips To Take A Perfect Picture

All it takes for you to be a better photographer are some basic tricks and a lot of practice. But taking picture aimlessly will not take you anywhere. This is why, we have gathered all the tricks for you to make sure you get the perfect click every time you need. Grab your camera now and start shooting.


Look at your subject in the eye

Direct eye contact is engaging in a picture as well. Try holding your camera at eye level even if means you need to stoop down to their level.


Use a plain background

The plain background shows off the subject you are trying to photography. A heavy background can take the attention away from the subject which is not ideal.


Use flash outdoors

When taking a picture on a sunny day, try keeping your flash on. This will ensure that there is no deep facial shadow and the subject is seen clearly.


Move in close

If your subject is smaller than a car, try to zoom your camera towards the subject or just move some steps forward. This ensures that the subject is filling the area of your photograph.


Move it from the middle

Center stage is for the performers, not an ideal place for the subject you are trying to photograph. Just move the subject and try to move your subject or the camera in a different position. This ensures that the attention is not taken away from the subject.



Lock the focus

Let the focus be on the subject and also make sure that the subject is not blurred in the pictures, but a blurred background will direct the focus on its subject.


Know your flash range

Always know how far your flash range is and make sure that your subject comes within the range. This ensures that the picture is not too dark but a clear one. For many cameras, the minimum flash range is about fifteen feet which is about five steps away from the subject.


Watch the light

Light is the most important part of every subject as the light on different subject reflect differently in every frame. Try taking the picture early in the morning or late when the light seems orangish and rakes across the land.


Take vertical pictures

If you do not turn your camera vertically and take a shot, you won’t be able to understand the difference. A vertically taken image such as an Eiffel tower makes it look more beautiful.


Be the director of your own picture

Take control of your picture and watch it dramatically improve in front of your eyes. Pick the location, try experimenting and be innovative. Try to add your personal touch to make it unique to your own gallery.